This week Jad and Kevin revisit an older topic of conversation and one that has come up in the podcast several times. The gist of that conversation is learning how to say no to people asserting authority.

We primarily examine the idea from a corporate level. Specifically, we consider how big-box retailers are more commonly attempting to search their customers as they exit the building. Admittedly this is not a search procedure like that of the TSA, but it’s a search nevertheless.

The problem isn’t necessarily with the store asking, but rather with people not immediately and instinctively understanding that they needn’t subject themselves to such a thing. Moreover, and for the sake of liberty that they shouldn’t either. Our hypothesis is that these small occurrences ultimately weaken one’s ability to be assertive when dealing with other forms of authority.

It’s then no wonder police abuses and agencies like the TSA can so easily prevail.