And a happy 2014 to everyone out there in JKPodcast-land!

In this final episode of a three part series, we are once again joined by our friend Tom de Lorenzo to discuss the topics of morality and ethics.

To conclude our discussion, we turn our attention to the idea of ethical symmetry.

The idea is essentially that so long as all parties decreeing a rule or regulation are willing to concede to the same set of guidelines, then the actions taking place can be considered ethical. A relatively easy way to test this is using hypocrisy as a guide.

For example, if all people on an island are willing to draw straws and ultimately sacrifice themselves to the volcano gods then so long as everyone agrees this is the rule and abides by it come their turn, then the ethics are symmetrical. If on the other hand someone was spared for any reason, perhaps because they were deemed a ruler, then the ethics are asymmetrical.

Governments are of course incredibly asymmetrical.