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This week Jad and Kevin explore the ways in which the government has adapted its tactics since the Vietnam War. Consider two such examples: after people largely rejected the drafting of soldiers, the new method […]

Hey JKPodcast fans, it’s time for another Throwback Thursday! This time, we travel back, way back, to one our earliest conversations. The date was Sept. 19. 2012–I remember it like it was yesterday . . […]

This week Jad and Kevin spend another episode talking about the now famous Wendy Davis filibuster against the Texas Republicans. Our focus is less on the actual abortion bill that she was attempting to block […]

This episode takes us, for the second time, back to November 14th, 2012. After a discussion Jad and I had regarding abstract arguments, we diverged even further into the realm of pragmatic vs. philosophical arguments. […]

There’s no doubt that millions of Americans have long since suspected their government was spying on them regularly. Of course these people have also long been referred to as paranoid conspiracy theorists. Thanks to the […]

This week we conclude our two-part episode on finding common ground. In the first part of this discussion, Jad, Tom and I discuss varying methods, strategies, and pitfalls for finding common ground in which to […]

We’ve got some pretty tough topics to tackle this week. With a spotlight still on the 2012 presidential election, and in addition many other incidental points discovered along the way, we discuss the emptiness of […]

In this episode we explore some of the b-sides to a third-party system political system. The pretext to this exploration was considering whether or not a third-party could exist in the United States at all. […]