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In this episode Jad and Kevin discuss an article Kevin found about a kid getting expelled from his school for having a weapon in his car. Well maybe it wasn’t a weapon. In fact, maybe […]

In this week’s episode, Jad and Kevin discuss how state bodies are able to use people’s children as a mechanism of control. You’ve undoubtedly seen this methodology displayed in countless movies over the years. Whether […]

As a continuation of our Monday Morning Campaign Update series, Kevin and Jad talk about some of the interesting candidate questionnaires Kevin has been receiving on the campaign trail. The short of the story is […]

This week Jad and I get into a short discussion about children. Jad and his wife are preparing for the birth of their first child and Jad is especially interested in avoiding a life of […]

In this week’s episode, Jad and I discuss one of Kevin’s all time favorite political and economic topics: risk and reward. Jad starts our episode off with a fictitious example of how the concept politically […]