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As part of our ongoing Monday Morning Campaign Update series, Jad and Kevin talk about Kevin’s run on the campaign trail over the past two weeks. Since we last chatted about it, Kevin had the […]

In November of 2006 a small group of people in North Austin formed a coalition in an effort to block Wal-Mart from building a 225,000 sq ft “Super Center” in their neighborhood. The group grew […]

If you’ve never thought about how development regulations get handed down from the Federal government to the states and then to local municipalities, here’s your chance. Jad and I explore the topic of building permits […]

Although we don’t usually get into specific local government discussions, that’s exactly what we have in store this week. After decades of having an at-large council, the public finally voted to allow single-member-districts in the […]

This week is the first episode of a 6-part series dedicated to the Austin Independent School District. Jad and I had the pleasure of meeting a veteran teacher several years older than the both of […]

This week Jad and Kevin spend another episode talking about the now famous Wendy Davis filibuster against the Texas Republicans. Our focus is less on the actual abortion bill that she was attempting to block […]

In an effort to continue evolving the show, Jad proposes the idea that the show occasionally focus on local Austin politics. Kevin has spent some time working in various local political organizations and was immediately […]