At last we reach the end of a five part series focused on the objectification of women. We’ve been joined for this entire conversation with local Austin artist, Adrienne Parker, and began our discussion around the Robin Thicke controversial music video, Blurred Lines.

In this final piece of the conversation we discuss how people around the western world are finally beginning to raise their daughters so that they are first class, independent, free-thinking citizens. Jad hypothesizes that we will likely see a massive change in how women are perceived in the Western world within about two more generations.

We consider some interesting psychology that all of us are likely contributing to, albeit unknowingly. Namely the psychology of how we interact with little boys versus how we interact with little girls. For example, it’s well-documented that when interacting with a little boy, one will likely ask what toy he is playing with, what his interests are, and other similar topics related to developmental growth. Contrast that with how we commonly interact with little girls and we find that most people will instinctively comment on how pretty she looks, the clothes she is wearing, and not much more. Surely an entire childhood of this has an impact on the mind.

Finally, we discuss various topics around the idea of gender neutrality and ponder the immutable differences between males and females.