Today we hit an amazing milestone in the history of the JKPodcast. From small and humble beginnings, we now stand in front of our our 100th episode!

To celebrate this occasion and to start the next 100 episodes off on the right foot, we have dedicated the next fives weeks to a discussion about the objectification of women in the media.

We’re joined in the studio by a local Austin artist and recent college graduate, Adrienne Parker. Over the next five weeks, the three of us will discuss the topic of objectification focusing on last summer’s hit music video, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

If you haven’t seen it, the video essentially follows the artist on a white set while naked models dance around him. It’s not an especially complicated premise and while the video was very well-received by the general public, it was certainly not without its many criticisms.

In this first part we examine the overarching problem. How have music videos changed over the past 50 years? How is this affecting women? What influence does it have on younger women struggling to find an identify in the world? And what influence does it have on younger men who are struggling to understand women?

We want to be clear that because the JKPodcast focuses on Libertarian and Anarchist principles, we’re certainly not in any way advocating that this type of material should not be permitted or otherwise censored in any way. We would not support any kind of authoritarian action to silence such expressions. Rather our discussion is around the psychology of this material and what long-term impact it could have on our society.

So sit back and enjoy the 100th episode of the JKPodcast. We certainly look forward to bringing you 100 more episodes!