Welcome to our first Monday Morning Campaign Update. Like our “Throwback Thursday” series, this will be another sub-series of our podcast. This particular set will focus on discoveries Kevin has whilst on the campaign trail. We’ll likely try to release one every other Monday. So without further adieu…

As an official state candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, one of the things that Kevin has to keep up with are campaign finance reports. Put simply, these financal reports describe how much money he took in via donations, how much money he contributed to his own campaign, and how much money his campaign spent.

The reports are also used to collect a host of personal financial information about me as a candidate. For example: What stocks does Kevin own? Do he own any real estate? Do he receive any funds from boards or organizations?

Jad and Kevin spend a few minutes talking about the TEC process and specifically highlight the typical technical shortcomings of government organizations. It’s probably important to note that filing this paperwork late or inaccurately results in an automatic $500 fine so despite some of the ridiculousness, it’s definitely no joke.