This week we had some left over content and managed to string it together for yet another mini-episode. Our topics are as interesting as they are disturbing and include nuclear blasts, online nuclear simulators, the alleged North Korean crisis, and even claims of cannibalism from within a starved North Korean population.

The claims of cannibalism are probably the worst, albeit we didn’t have a tremendous amount of information on the topic. We’ll most likely pick some of these topics back up in a future episode and explore them with much more depth.

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Kevin: Hello and welcome back to another episode of the JK Podcast, where we pursue topics of liberty, humanity, and equality for all. This week we had some leftover content and managed to string it together for yet another mini episode. Our topics for this discussion include nuclear blasts, online nuclear simulators, the alleged North Korean crisis, and probably most disturbing, claims of parent child cannibalism from a starved North Korean population.

Since it’s another short episode, we’ll jump right into it. As always, your hosts are Jad Davis and Kevin Ludlow. Welcome back to our show.

Jad: Just watching a little video on the Russians dropping a – their largest nuclear bomb – pretty crazy looking.

Kevin: This is an old video.

Jad: Old video, yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, I think I’ve actually seen this. What’s the name of the thing?

Jad: The Czar[?].

Kevin: The Czar[?], yeah, that’s it. I have seen this one before.

Jad: It’s funny.

Kevin: There’s a simulator somewhere online that lets you – it’s got like, all of the major bombs that have ever been created by Russia, the United States, and China, and et cetera, and –

Actually, there’s quite a few of these available online. Just search Google for “nuclear bomb simulator”, and you won’t be disappointed.

– it gives you all their names, and what you can do is you can set the epicenter and it actually will create all the radii’s, so it shows like, the initial blast [?], the destruction radius, the radiation fallout, and then just kind of everything beyond that, and then it lets you set parameters yourself like if you want to just create a crazy bomb. It’s just kind of interesting to see what some of these weapons would actually do.

Jad: Yeah.

Kevin: There is one of them – I don’t remember what one – that actually would – I’ve dropped it on the capital before – the Texas capital – and it basically blows its way out to Dripping Springs, so –

Jad: Uh huh, yeah.

Kevin: So it would do some pretty good damage.

Jad: That’s what they do.

Kevin: For those not familiar with central Texas, Dripping Springs is about 25 miles from the Texas State Capitol building. Such a blast would cause immeasurable devastation to the area.

Jad: There’s that other one that shows all of the test nuclear blasts since I guess, 1944, 45 – whenever it was – so like, the first one starts in the desert in the United States – it’s like a you know, a Google map or whatever – and then it just starts –

Kevin: Oh, right.

Jad: Yeah, then it’s called the [crosstalk] then the Russians start lighting up, you know, the wastelands up in the arctic, and then China starts lighting stuff up, and then India, and then it’s like South Africa, Israel, India, Pakistan, and then pretty soon like, the entire world was like these flashlight bulbs of you know, nuclear blasts going off – it’s kinda crazy, yeah. I mean, the United States did like I don’t know, some thousands of tests, you know?

Kevin: That’s crazy. It really is.

According to Wikipedia, which gets its citation from, the United States has conducted more than 1,054 official nuclear tests involving at least 1,151 different devices. The discrepancy of more devices than tests accounts for intentional failures and device detonations, as opposed to actual tests.

I’ve read a lot about the tests that they did out –

Jad: Right.

Kevin: – in the you know, southwest United States, and I mean it’s – that in itself is you know, shit, I drive through there all the time.

Jad: Sure, yeah. Well, there’s lots of cancer.

Kevin: Yeah, we’re all slowly dying of radiation, so – did you happen to catch this on Reddit on something, because I –

Jad: Somebody posted this on Facebook.

Kevin: – just happened to notice on the one of the top Reddit videos today, it says “HD Footage of Nuclear Tests”.

Jad: Ah, could be wherever I saw it posted – then they were making the point that like, [?] had this and we turned out fine. They maybe tried to put a damper on the North Korea scare.

Kevin: Ah, right. Yeah I forgot that that’s even the thing all of a sudden again.

Jad: Yeah.

Kevin: Did they confirm – they said the other day that – or North Korea told people that they did a nuclear test. Did they actually do one – was that confirmed?

Jad: The only thing I saw was they had some kind of size mech[?] something that indicated that they had.

Kevin: Hmm, interesting.

Jad: But yeah, I don’t know. Like I said, I didn’t really read into it too much to see if it was legit or –

Kevin: Well God bless those little guys.

Jad: Yeah man, it’s gotta suck to live there.

Kevin: Yeah.

Jad: That’s an example of just how far you can drive a population into starvation and cannibalism and shit without them fighting back.

Kevin: Jesus, have you – did you read about the various cannibalism claims a couple weeks ago?

Jad: I saw it go by, I didn’t look into it. I just – I saw – just read what somebody posted about it.

Kevin: Well I mean, they were executing the people that were practicing cannibalism, but at the same time like, the people were so hungry, I mean, every story was kind of similar I mean, eerily horrible. These dads basically were just slaughtering their children –

Jad: Oh God.

Kevin: – and then eating them because they didn’t – I mean, I guess it’s kind of a double fold I guess, the kids were obviously starving just as much, so you might even be able to argue you know, this kind of humanity sort of thing, although I doubt it. Everyone I’ve read was just a little worse than the next.

Jad: Yeah. Well cannibalism, yeah, that’s pretty – that’s insane, I mean that’s –

Kevin: It takes a lot to –

Jad: Yeah, and again it’s like, “well, I really don’t want to eat my kids, but I really, really don’t want to march in and destroy this awful leader guy, so I guess I’ll eat my kids.”

Kevin: Yeah, pretty crazy that that happens. I kind of feel – I’ve never been a parent – but from what it sounds like if I were, I feel like I’d rather have to go destroy a leader guy than eat my child.

Jad: Your children? Yeah. That’s kind of the way I would go too, I think.

Kevin: Seems to be the general sentiment.

Jad: Or die fleeing the country, or die some other way, might as well.

Kevin: Yeah, I mean fuck, at the very least put the kid in a backpack and start hiking south I mean – or any direction really.

Jad: Maybe not east.

Kevin: I guess if they flee to China, China sends them back though, right?

Jad: Maybe, yeah, the [?] have that kind of relationship.

Kevin: And that’s about all we had on the topics – short, definitely not so sweet, but hopefully informative none the less. Thank you so much for listening, and we hope you’ll come back and check out future episodes of this project. If you’d like to get in touch with us, stop by either of our websites as, that’s J-A-D dash D-A-V-I-S dot com – don’t forget the dash – or, K-E-V-I-N-L-U-D-L-O-W dot com. You can also visit our podcast website at Thanks again, and we’ll talk to you soon.